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Sky, lets go out tonight! Drinks are on me as long as you buy them I'll pay. since you know how to get my under-aged ass in there is much to celebrate. I can finally see that road you kept trying to make me see and I'm not going to let this dream fly by me. A new world has opened and I plan to ride this out till the end.

Kona, Sorry about leaving this afternoon, I got a call and I'm working on making a band I promise to make it up to you, just let me know how and its yours; if its in my power to do so.

Integra, I miss you, lets chat tonight. I want you to met the man I met today his Sax skills are the best i have ever heard you'd love it sis.

Gren and Fummei, I will be a little busy with my classes and my job for the next few days so how about we hang together and disguess the future of this project as soon as we all have time?



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