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={ Were slow dancing in a burning room. }=

The Writtings of Kia Freeborn

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Name:Kia Dullea || Kia Freeborn
Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America

AIM: ANOTHERslowhand | Apartment: above Konata's shop | Voicemail

† My Dear, We're Slow Dancing In The Burning Room †

Name † Kia Moonbeam Dullea
Alias † Kia Freeborn
Age † 19
DOB † April 13th
Star Sign † Aries
Zodiac † Snake
Birthplace † Magnolia_Projects;New Orleans; Louisiana
Height † 5'11
Hair † medium length blue hair dyed, naturally dirty blond.
Eyes † Electric blue
Blood Type † Type O
Status † Married to Konata- kona_otaku And Father of Kanata Dullea
Job † Musician, part time help.
Hobby † Music
Roommates † Senri, and Konata.

† Jobs †

- Musician, blues guitarist by trade.
- Plays Low class clubs.
- Part time jobs around the city.
- Works for wife as well for free.

† Personality †

Kia at heart is a good kid, a hard worker and a true artist. At first he may seem angry and cynical when it comes to certain things but he has his reasons, he moves through life waiting for the world to change so Bohemians like himself can make a mark on the world. All he wants in life is to move though and make his mark without that makr being ‘the son of Blues Dullia.’ He also has quiet the temper at times and isn’t above beating someone down if he feels it is needed otherwise he is very mellow and easy going within his resentment

† Appearance †

Kia has pale but fair colored skin with light freckles across his face that make him look younger than he really should but it adds to his cuteness. His eyes are a beautiful shade of blue that captures and ensnares the senses, his hair dyed to match these beautiful eyes because god forbid he net his natural brown hair show and look like Blues Dullia. He likes to dress in blue jeans and tee shirts with cheap sneakers its not like he can afford much else really, but this style of dress looks perfect on his skinny form and seems to go on with his bohemian feel.

† History †

Kia Freeborn was born Kia Dullea son of the musician Blues Dullea who beat and mentally abused his wife, He would cheat and stay drunk. This is what Kia remembers though most of his childhood he spent weeping in the kitchen of there home listening to his father scream and hit his mother telling her she would never understand his music. Not too much longer after this Blues abandoned his wife and son to take up a new family.

Kia’s mother was the ultimate fan of Blues sadly and died clutching the Gibson Les Paul left for Kia by his father with no family left the 15 year old Kia went to inform his father that his mother was dead. He hoped his father would be man enough to take him in but when he reached the gates of the mansion. By then Blues was almost world famous like Eric Clapton man. He saw Blues a new woman and a boy around the age of 7 playing in the yard The boy was named Ray Dullea. Kia then realized that Blues wouldn’t care at all that his mother was dead nor about him.

Kia changed his name from Dullea to Freeborn, as he was reborn and free of Blues Dullea he deiced he would never live in his fathers shadow and went out into the world on his own he worked hard though high school supporting himself on half ass jobs as waiters and a delivery service boy to put himself though school, when things for bad he would take his guitar and play on street corners for extra cash.

Luck smiled down upon Kia when he received a letter from Cross University offering him a full scholarship to the university, he packed up and left New Orleans saying goodbye to his old life and hoping Cross would be better for him, Because at this point in time Kia wanted little more than to murder his younger brother to show his father what true pain is. By taking that which he loves most in life from him.

† Credits †

Kia Freeborn-Dullea belongs to people. This is a Role-playing Journal for the LJ/AIM rp played by smiling_evil

Coded by __silverstars.

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blues dullia, clapton, cream, gibson les paul, music, ray dullia

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