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Wow... I can't beleive I'm a father. Don't care what the result of the DNA test says when it comes. That's my baby. my beautiful baby girl.

Sora's back. Were a family again. Even if Sis is gone I guess theres nothing that can be done there I will be happy with things as they are. I guess I'll be running the shop until Konata is well enough and taking care of the little angel too. She's so beautiful just like her mother. I swear I see some of my mother. Thats why I'm convinced.

I wonder if Mr. Byakuya's offer still stands.

Konata, you're still a boy-girl looking thing can be, and you can count on me. I'm not bailing.
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...I still cant believe I’m gonna be a father as careless as it may have been, and as fucking scary as it is. I really think I can handle this, Konata keeps speaking of support from others but I don’t count on that. This is my fault. This is her body. Our reasonability.

Gren, Fummei. If you want to get together for one last go I think I will be quitting the band so I can pick up a second job. I gotta a very few months to get things ready for this child

-The list of needs-
A apartment- because we cant keep inconveniencing Sis.
Crib- Cause I don’t want the kid being like is was
Baby toys and crap- A necessity
New Furniture- For said apartment.
New Car- for when I have to give Sis’ back.

Fuck I’m going to be beyond broke.
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oh my....fucking god....

why....did I get to find out like this... wheres that gun at....

.....SIS! Help me....


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