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I've been so unreasonable, slacking off from work when I know that should be my first priority. Keep a roof over my head and myself alive and do this by working and not being a lazy egotistical bastard. Thats Blues, not me. I have people back home waiting for me to come back with a degree or a record deal, and since the latter will never happen. I have spent these lazy weeks after meeting The SKy searching for my song, I still have NOTHING!

I pour my heart into ever note I play yet, I only can do cover songs and put my own style on it....I've never finished a song of my own...I have a great riff ready but no words...So I've been searching and found nothing....

Maybe its time I just go back to work and face that I am working class punk that couldn't hold a real job before Integral. I wonder if I should sell the guitars and just go back and ask her for forgiveness for this stupidity. Sky got me chasing impossible dreams and now I've cut myself from that stupidity and need to set myself back on the right course.

...Konata, care to give me a call later?


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