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This is my real time outside Louisiana, It took a lot of over time a lot of tips and playing corners to get me here. sadly the last bit of money needed came from pawning my amplifier. This all lead to taking a three day bus ride having someone try to steal my Gibson Les Paul and a few fights along the way but I finally made it to Cross City. a place without Blues Dullia

A man at the bus station informed me that the University was out of session until fall classes start thus no dorms yet which really blows you know but he informed me the place to go is the Eternity Cafe, that I could play a few songs there and earn enough cash for a hotel. Well when I showed up it was almost dead empty lack for a woman named Konata. Who has made an living argement with me so I need to start looking for a job today to keep my half of the budget set.

I'm looking forward to what life holds, maybe I can find my song here. I can only hope ya know? gotta take the punches as there thrown.

-Kia Freeborn


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