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Well that Demyx Kid seems to be looking for me, that cant end well. I really am not cut out for the whole “Band” scene. I don’t even want to be a musician, no one makes it with that for very long. Cant people just play to play? Not everyone will be famous or great. Not everyone will have a nice job, like some movie I saw said we are not beautiful and unique snowflakes, we are not special. I wish I could remember the name of that movie it was kinda cool.

Anyway so I spoke to Integra again, she really can be someone worth talking to. Unlike most rich people she’s not a flat out bitch, Its fun debating with someone who wasn’t born trash. We spoke of a lot of things minor debate about music and woman, I opened up to her about some things I don’t even like talking about. And that is what kept me awake thinking, Why did I do that? Why do I feel I need her and Konata? I have never needed anyone before. I only needed myself and the shitty jobs I had and my guitar to keep myself alive.

Why is it I cant sleep well now without that fan girl home, She didn’t roll in until early in the morning this morning and woke me up by yanking the covers up, it was bloody brilliant. Then she slept in to make it worse, I had to carry her off to her own room. She may sleep beside me nightly but I still don’t know how people handle that namely after my talk with Intgera. I’ve spent today studying and doing the weeks work when not doing the things I have to for work.

Its so quiet here… I cant believe I pulled out my old Cds and found myself pondering messing with the intercom to put some noise through the house… At least I thought better of it.


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