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My life has changed so fast. Just last year I was struggling to keep my thoughts lined up write out a few lyrics and try and help keep Sis sane. Konata was just the friend I refused to let go as I didn't have many of them I know Sis always asummed more was going on she was always smarter then I am. In some things anyway.

And now just weeks before my 20th birthday I'm a father to the most beautiful little girl in the world, that night meeting Yoshitsune and seeing all the men who love Konata all surrounding her seeing her body get mangled and banged up to push Kanata out. You have to respect a woman who can do that.

I don't know why but everything just kind of feels different. Just you know I don't feel so much anger towards people. I even saw Ray on TV and didn't feel like breaking it. Kid deserves everything he has. that fucker who he lives with let him keep the man. I got along this long without him. I'm better for it. Some day I might find my own stage. If I deserve that stage anyway.

I also have to thank Sis even if shes gone, selling the things she left me may have been hard but it paid off my new home it may not be Burbon street like I dreamed but it looks close and Konata's shop stands out now. once teh house is off teh market and I get the money I plan to get medical insurance for Konata and Kanata. and a few other things just make sure everything is straightened out. ALso something I want to get Sora.

Sky! Bigger Sora and Senri! I need your help when you get a chance in the next few days.

And Rukia, thank's so much. Your such a good friend I wish I had got to know you better when we were both in new york but we both had our own things going on. So this is my proclomation of I will gladly help you with anything you need evemn if its just to talk. simply call. Your too damn cool to just leave to suffer, don't even hessitate. If I don't answer I will sure as hell call back.

I need to go write out these lyrics I can hear the whole melody, yeah maybe this will be a good song.


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