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I cant believe it, I'm glad I beat Konata home from work today, Those bastards I left them the P.O Box to send my mail to...I fucking hate this school already.

I noticed that Konata is perking up again, I got her to listen to me play White Room which was kinda fun. I am hoping I can get her to listen to more American based music It would be kind of cool.

Anyway I better turn in, I gotta go in early tomorrow and help out with stuff. Oh Yeah and I gotta met Juri again sometime, shes kinda cool.

-Kia Freeborn.

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Well shit, life's been busy you know. Working for Miss Integral isn't all sunshine and roses but I really like it it gives me time to work on that which I love and still get all I need to do for her done before I go home. Its nice and I enjoy it I never thought I would be happy in a job like I am with this one but somehow I feel like I am betraying my bohemian roots but I need this, I need this stability that I have never had before. Maybe I'm being selfish.

Poor Konata, someone upset her bad shes been moping around all week since she came in from work one day. I don't know what happened and she wont tell me but I am really worried about her I want to pry but its really again not my place...

...I'm leaving for the night, I need to clear my head.


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